It has been 1 year since I had Lipo with Dr. Chen on my flanks, outer things, and lower stomach. I wanted to wait awhile until I fully recovered before posting my review. After one year, I am still very pleased with my results. I have kept my eating habits consistent with pre-lipo habits, yet the stubborn areas of fat are gone. It’s true the specific areas of fat removed will not come back and lipo works best on those areas resistant to diet and exercise. Sometimes, if I eat too much, I will notice a bit of a bump protruding from my upper stomach. This is because I only did my lower stomach. Sometimes this bump almost looks like a 6 pack, I don’t mind it because it is a good way to keep myself in check and know when to cut the calories. Pants I could not fit into anymore fit again. My recovery process was very slow. Immediately after the procedure I was very swollen and looked huge which was scary. It took almost 6 months for me to fully realize the benefit. I had consulted with other surgeons who seemed nice but I felt most comfortable with Dr Chen and I am happy with my decision. Overall rating 5 star!

*Individual results may vary.