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Asian Aesthetics

Asian Aesthetics Newport Beach

The Asian face possesses anatomical features and characteristics unique from the non-Asian face. These unique features may include having a single upper eyelid without a crease, a wider and/or flatter nose, or a broader jawline.

Aesthetic surgeries tailored to these Asian features include double eyelid surgery, Asian augmentation rhinoplasty or nose job, and jaw reduction. Double eyelid surgery is the most common surgery performed on the Asian face. This surgery makes the eyes look larger and more awake by creating an upper eyelid crease.

Asian augmentation rhinoplasty can give the nose more projection by creating a more prominent bridge, which can better support glasses and sunglasses. Both the nose width and the nostril size can also be reduced.

Jaw reduction using either non-surgical injection of Botox or surgical shaving of the jaw bone can help soften a broad jawline, making the face appear less flat and more feminine.

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