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Facial Implants Newport Beach

Facial ImplantsFacial implants are used to augment the bony contour of the face, most commonly in the cheek or chin areas. Facial implants can be made of different materials, including silicone and porous polyethylene (Medpor).

Cheek implants augment flat cheekbones, improving contour and projection. They can offset the sunken, hollow appearance of the cheek area that often occurs with aging, as well as improve the aging appearance of the lower eyelid.

Fat grafting can also add volume to the cheek and eye areas, and is often done to complement facial implants. Restoration of volume to the cheek area can also be done non-surgically with Juvederm Voluma XC.

Utilizing chin implants is one type of genioplasty that can be done for chin augmentation. The other type of genioplasty modifies your own jawbone without the use of implants to achieve the desired change in contour.

Genioplasty is often performed in combination with other procedures for facial rejuvenation. A retruding chin can be improved both by moving the chin forward with a genioplasty and/or by making the nose less prominent with a rhinoplasty. In addition, for a poorly-defined jawline, genioplasty can be combined with a face lift, neck lift, and/or facial liposuction to create a more defined, youthful jawline.

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