Congratulations to Dr. Joyce Chen on being elected Chairman,
Department of Plastic Surgery, Hoag Hospital Newport Beachand Hoag Hospital Irvine!

Facial Fracture

ZMC Fracture Repair Newport Beach

ZMC FractureZygomatic-maxillary complex fractures usually result from blunt trauma to the cheek area of the face. They are tetrapod fractures of the cheek bone, breaking in four different places and becoming free floating and inherently unstable. The four breaks or fractures are through the zygomatic-maxillary suture, zygomatic-frontal suture, spheno-zygomatic suture, and the zygomatic arch. Because they are inherently unstable, this type of fracture necessitates fixation at 2-3 points for stabilization. 3D CT scan with thin cuts in coronal, axial, and sagittal views are needed for accurate diagnosis and surgical planning.

As a fellowship trained plastic surgeon in both craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery, Dr. Chen has received additional specialized training in the open reduction and fixation of ZMC fractures.

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