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Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

Breast AugmentationWomen may seek breast augmentation to feel more feminine or to fit better in clothing. Using silicone or saline implants, breast augmentation increases the size of the breast. Breast implants vary in size, shape, and placement. They can be placed below or above the pectoralis muscles. The incisions for breast augmentation are hidden, either under the breast along the inframammary crease, or peri-areolar around the areola.

A breast lift or mastopexy can accompany breast augmentation to create a more youthful appearing breast by removing excess skin and by also lifting the breast and nipple areolar complex to a higher position.

Depending on your tissue characteristics and body frame, different options exist in breast implant size, shape, placement, and material. A consultation is necessary to customize these options to best suit your body frame and cosmetic aspirations.

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Before Breast Augmentation PhotoAfter Breast Augmentation Photo


Before Breast Augmentation PhotoAfter Breast Augmentation Photo


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