Congratulations to Dr. Joyce Chen on being elected Chairman,
Department of Plastic Surgery, Hoag Hospital Newport Beachand Hoag Hospital Irvine!

Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial

Ear Tag/Ear Remnant Newport Beach

Ear Tag/Ear RemnantEar tags or remnants are congenital remnants of the ears that did not completely involute before birth. They may have cartilage in them, and therefore should not be tied off like other types of skin tags. Ear tags are usually removed prior to kindergarten to obviate teasing from peers. They are usually removed in an elliptical fashion and closed in layers. A waterproof suture is placed post-operatively.

As a fellowship trained plastic surgeon in both craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Chen has received additional specialized training in removal of ear tags/remnants and aesthetic closure of the wound in pediatric patients.

Please contact us for more information about removal of ear tags or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chen.