She was very helpful and extremely informative with my initial visit and diagnosis and continued to be throughout the whole process. A little background on my need for surgery… After having 5 children, my body didn’t exactly go back to normal! I had severe diastasis recti that was causing all sorts of other issues, mainly extreme back pain, (2 bulging discs, to be exact). After having gone through decompression therapy to fix my back, the chiropractor told me that I should consider surgery on my diastasis recti, to maintain stability of my back. Dr. Chen confirmed that this would be very beneficial, so I decided to have an abdominoplasty and breast implants as well, the full mommy makeover. I nursed all 5 of my babies for 12 months each, and was left with very little! My self-esteem was low, and I just wanted to look the way I did before I breastfed all of them, and be able to fill my normal bra again. Dr. Chen advised me on which implants would get me back to my pre baby size and assured me she could make me look great! I have always been an active person, and lived a healthy lifestyle, and have been a size 0 my whole life, even after all five babies. I would talk about my issues with friends or family members, but they didn’t really understand why I wanted to do this, since I was still petite. My pants still fit on my waist, but I had an overlap of skin, every time I would sit down. I was self-conscious and I didn’t want to wear anything form fitting. Dr. Chen understood all my concerns and was confident she could fix them all. During surgery, she was able to fix my 3 inch diastasis recti gap, remove 6 inches of extra skin and made me feel amazing! It was a huge success. I am also back to my normal bra size and my self-confidence is back! I am about 2 1/2 months post op and am able to run and exercise again! I am continuing to regain movement of my abs and can’t wait to be fully and completely healed and to continue to feel more and more normal. Thank you Dr. Chen for your amazing work and to your excellent staff for all your help! Overall Rating: 5 stars!