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Tummy Tuck/AbdominoplastyA Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty helps to restore your natural youthful figure and improve your abdominal contour towards a flatter abdomen by removing excess fatty tissue and loose skin from the abdomen, while also tightening your abdominal muscles through suture plication.

Pregnancy, aging, weight loss or weight gain, can all increase skin laxity and the amount of excess skin in the abdomen, and also cause muscle laxity. Pregnancy often leads to diastasis recti or permanent separation of your rectus muscles, which can make you appear pregnant even when you are not. The muscle laxity and diastasis recti can also cause back pain from weakened abdominal muscles. A Tummy Tuck can help restore you towards your youthful, pre-pregnancy body.

Dr. Chen is world renown for her Tummy Tuck Transformations and long lasting natural results! Many of our patients travel afar to experience her unparallel artistry and surgical expertise. As a master surgeon, her surgical skills, breadth of knowledge, compassionate care, and depth of education and training at our nation’s top academic institutions places her among the elite in aesthetic plastic surgeons globally!

3 Types of Tummy Tuck

The most common type of Tummy Tuck performed is the Traditional or Full Tummy Tuck, which involves removing excess skin and fatty tissue, muscle tightening in both the upper and lower abdomen through suture plication, and transposing and rejuvenating the belly button. Please see below Dr. Chen’s muscle plication video and how she tightens the rectus muscle to allow the two arrows marking the edge of the rectus muscle to touch each other at the end, after the rectus muscle are plicated and tightened with permanent suture.

3 types of tummy tucks Please note that the Tummy Tuck incision is very low, right below the bikini line, and usually from hip to hip. For most patients, the amount of skin and fat removed extends up to or above the belly button. Please see the diagram to the left illustrating the different lengths of incisions for the 3 different types of Tummy Tuck.

For some women who only have excess skin and fatty tissue below the belly button, a Mini Tummy Tuck can be done through a shorter incision. Muscle plication is performed only in the lower abdomen. No changes are made to the belly button. The excess skin and fat are then removed from the lower abdomen to achieve a washboard flat contour.

The third main type of tummy tuck is an Extended Tummy Tuck, which is recommended for women who have excess fat and loose skin that extends to their sides. For most patients like a Full Tummy Tuck, the amount of skin and fat removed extends up to or above the belly button.


Liposuction is often done to complement a Tummy Tuck, helping to contour and sculpt the waist and upper abdomen. Many women also choose to have Liposuction done in other areas such as the inner or outer thighs, upper arms, and/or back bra roll areas.

Before Tummy Tuck PhotoAfter Tummy Tuck Photo

For more Tummy Tuck Before/After photos, please view our Tummy Tuck photo gallery.

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Please contact us for more information about Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chen, our female board certified plastic surgeon and body contouring expert, to restore and reclaim your youthful body and flatter tummy, and start your transformational journey with us today!

Tummy Tuck Patient Testimonials

I Finally Got my Body Back!

5 5 Star Rating Submitted on November 22, 2023

I am so glad I got a tummy tuck with Dr. Chen! People cannot believe how good I look now without my big stomach. I am extremely happy with the results! Dr. Chen and her staff are great! Dr. Chen is attentive, compassionate, and a true professional. I love her work! I should have done this sooner!


by JK

So Happy with my Tummy Tuck!

5 5 Star Rating Submitted on October 25, 2023

So Happy with my Tummy Tuck! Highly Recommend! Pain med free by Day 3!

Overall Rating: 5

Other Ratings:
Ease of Appointment – 5
Promptness – 5
Courteous Staff – 5
Accurate Diagnosis – 5
Bedside Manner – 5
Spends Time with Me – 5
Follows Up After Visit – 5


by JR

I’m Glad I Made The Decision And Even More Happy That I Chose Dr. Chen As My Surgeon!

5 5 Star Rating Submitted on October 9, 2023

After thinking about having surgery for years I finally decided to make an consultation for Tummy Tuck and Liposuction with Dr Chen and I’m so glad I did! She is so very sweet and understanding of all the concerns I had and answered all of my questions with confidence. I definitely felt more comfortable with my decision to go through with my surgery with Dr. Chen as my surgeon. A week after my full tummy tuck I am off all pain medications and back at work and feeling better and better every day. I’m glad I made the decision and even more happy that I chose Dr Chen as my surgeon and I can’t wait to see my final results!

Overall Rating: 5

Other Ratings:
Ease of Appointment – 5
Promptness – 5
Courteous Staff – 5
Accurate Diagnosis – 5
Bedside Manner – 5
Spends Time with Me – 5
Follows Up After Visit – 5


by AO

Just Amazing!

5 5 Star Rating Submitted on October 3, 2023

I was googling abdominalplasty surgeons and came across Dr. Chen’s website. I liked the fact that Dr. Chen is also a reconstruction plastic surgeon and works with babies who have cleft palate issues. For me that was the reason I chose to have a consultation with her and not some cosmetic doctor advertising for really cheap. My consultation went great and we were both on the same page as far as me having a diastasis and would need something more than just liposuction and a BBL. Although I really only wanted my muscle repaired and was not sure about having my skin removed too. Dr. Chen assured me that a tummy tuck was the way to go, since down the road after muscle repair, I would then have even more extra skin that would then need to be removed.

So I scheduled my surgery date 5 months down the road, since I had just started a new job and wanted to accrue time off. Dr. Chen told me that her patients usually only take 9-10 days off work for a tummy tuck. And over the 5 months I started to wonder if that would be enough time, since my co-worker had to take 4 weeks off for the same procedure minus the BBL that I also had done. I decided to use a recovery house for 2 nights, due to the fact my kids worked and wanted someone to look after me the first 48 hours. To my surprise, my recovery actually went very quick. By the second day I was down to 1 pain pill every 6 hours, and I was completely off them by day 5. The 3rd day after I came home, I was walking around on my own, making sandwiches and even washed my hair. I was even driving by the 7th day after surgery. My drains were already out by then too.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Chen to my friends and family!! She is just amazing and really does care about her patients! Dr. Chen even called me the first day after surgery to check in and see how I was doing!


by D

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